Every Photo tells a Story


It’s funny how one’s day can turn out.  I had gone down to Portsmouth to take some family photos for a friend and had taken my newly rescue King Charles Spaniel with me.  We took some family photos in the garden before walking down to the beachfront for some beach photos.  When we got there was a sign to say dogs were not allowed on the beach so I looked around and saw a friendly couple sitting on the benches watching the world go by and decided to ask them if they would mind holding my dog while to took some photos.  They smiled and agreed saying please take a few of us when finished on the beach.  I agreed to this and a short while later we did a swop and my friend held my dog and the couple and I went down onto the beach for a few photos.  They were a delightful couple and told me their 52nd wedding anniversary was the following week so the photos would be welcome.  They were so happy in each others company and clearly loved each other as much, if not more than when they married.   I look at their photos and think its true every photo tells a story, I see such love and respect, it’s wonderful and so special.  I was so pleased to send them some photos and wished Hazel & Ray a happy anniversary.